There are so many ways for people to discover your music from the internet to local events. Here are three ways to get noticed in a crowded music market.

1- Have a logo and a great looking website- This is still key for getting noticed. People want to see that you have your own brand and its unique. No better way to do it than with your own website. Also, update it daily with good content audio, video blogs work well.

2- Set up your own events and shows- There is no better way to show your business savvy than with your own events. You can start small with local bars then expand to larger venues when you have more fans. Just contact a local bar and find out if it is available for events. Then try to workout a deal where you can get the place for free and they get the bar. You can make money by selling tickets if you like or let people in free since you didn’t pay to rent it.

3- Build your social media following- Don’t by twitter or facebook likes build your social media following with hard work and great quality music and videos. The more content the better. Social media loves content so the harder you work on it the better your following will be.

Once you get these things going on in your favor your on your way to being a great business person and music